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C++ Quiz and Aswers: C++ File I/O

1. Which of the following classes handlers file input?
A. ofstream
B. ifstream

C. instream
D. inputfile

2. Which of the following is not a valid ofstream argument?
A. ios::app
B. ios::trunc
C. ios::noreplace
D. ios::create

3. What does ios::ate mean as an argument to ofstream?

A. Open file, but do not create.
B. Open file, create.
C. Open file for read access only.
D. Open file, set the position to the end.

4. How would you output to an open file named a_file?
A. a_file.out("Output");
B. a_file="Output";
C. a_file<<"Output";

D. a_file.printf("Output"); 

5. What header file contains C++ file I/O instructions?
A. iostream.h
B. fstream.h

C. infstream.h
D. outstream.h