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Quiz and Answers: Accepting Command-Line Arguments

1. What variables stores the number of arguments to a program?
A. argc

B. argv
C count
D. arglen

2. What is argv[0]?
A. The number of arguments to the program
B. The name of the program

C. The first argument to the program
D. This syntax is illegal

3. What type is argv?
A. char *
B. int
C. char **

D. It's not a variable

4. In what order do the two command line variables appear in the definition of main?
A. Count then argument array

B. Argument array then count
C. They don't appear in the definition of main
D. There is only one argument.

5. What does the argument count variable store?
A. the number of arguments
B. the number of arguments plus one
C. the number of arguments minus one
D. The total size of the argument array