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Cisco CCNA Exploration1 Chapter1: Q&A

1. Which form of communication is a real-tem text-based communication type used between  two or more people who use mostly text to communicate with each other?
- Weblogs
- Wikis
- Instant messaging
- Podcasting
- Collaboration tools

2. Which type of network provides customer’s limited access to corporate data such as inventory, parts list and orders?
- Intranet
- Extranet
- Internetwork
- Internet

3. What balances the importance of traffic and its characteristics in order to manage data?
- Network administration
- Network traffic
- QoS strategy
- Network evaluation

4. Which processes occur to network traffic so that quality of service strategies work correctly? (choose two.)
- Traffic is classified based on quality of service requirements.
- Priorities are assigned to each classification of application data.
- Web traffic is always assigned to a high priority queue for processing
- Digital movies are always assigned to the high priority queue processing
- E-mail traffic is always assigned to the low priority queue

5. What are two components of network architecture? (Choose two.)
- People that comprise the human network
- Programmed services and protocols that move the messages across the network
- Data transferred across the network
- Technologies that support network communications
- Corporation that operate and maintain the data network

6. For which three reasons were circuit-switched, connection-oriented technologies rejected when the internet was being developed? (Choose three.)
- Circuit-switched technologies required that a single message be broken up into multiple message blocks that contain addressing information
- Early circuit-switched networks did not automatically establish alternative circuits in the event of circuit failure.
- Circuit-switched technologies required that an open circuit between network endpoints be established, even if data was not actively being transferred being transferred between locations.
- The quality and consistency of messages transmitted across a connection-oriented, circuit-switched network cannot be guaranteed.
- The establishment of multiple, simultaneous open circuits for fault tolerance is costly.

7. For which three reasons was a packet-switched connectionless data communications technology used when developing the Internet? (Choose three.)
- It can rapidly adapt to the loss of data transmission facilities.
- It efficiently utilizes the network infrastructure to transfer data.
- Data packets can travel multiple paths through the network simultaneously.
- It allows for billing of network use by the amount of time a connection is established.
- It requires that a data circuit between the source and destination be established before data can be transferred.

8. What is the role of QoS in a converged network?
- ensures that all traffic above available bandwidth levels is dropped
- establishes delivery priorities for different communication in a network
- determines precise priorities for all network communication
- allows unused bandwidth to be shared by other organizations within the network